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About us

Birding is the 2nd most popular recreational activity in the US, after gardening. Nesting birds, that look for birdhouses, can be found throughout the Continental United States, and by adding a birdhouse or feeder to your backyard, you can bring nature closer to your home.

Home Bazaar has been the leader in decorative and functional birdhouses for over 20 years. We are passionate about our product. We design and manufacture exceptional birding products for your garden and backyard, keeping in mind the bird's comfort and functionality of the product. Just like your own home, we have created a special place for birds to nest.

What makes our products so unique?

Many of our houses and feeders are replicated from historical houses and structures we’ve seen throughout the country. We are inspired by high design, rich details and great craftsmanship, providing an array of looks and price points.

Throughout the years we have always maintained our original vision, appealing to the birding enthusiast. Our product features include:

  • Functionality.
  • Drainage & Ventilation
  • Cleanouts
  • 1.25” holes for small cavity dwellers, finches, wrens & chickadees.
  • Our products are made from wood, the best material for birds to nest, multiply and return.
  • Our houses/feeders are especially popular as a decorative accessory, placed near or perhaps in the home.

Home Bazaar products are available at the finest garden centers, independent specialty stores, on-line retailers and mail order catalogs. We have b een featured in top trade and consumer publications.

Our birdhouses and feeders are popular gifts, for Mom, Dad, new homeowners and bird lovers of all types!

For this special event, we have included some Christmas themed houses and an Advent Calendar.

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Home Bazaar

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